TagVault receives Platinum Contributor Award

Added: 04/05/2011 17:46
The ISO/IEC JTC1 SC7 WG21 Working Group responsible for the 19770 group of SAM standards has recognized TagVault.org as a Platinum Contributor to the development of software asset management standards and the practical implementation of software tagging as defined in ISO/IEC 19770-2:2009.
TagVault.org is a technical, membership-driven organization providing tools, services and information to software publishers, software tool vendors and software end user organizations to facilitate consistent use of software identification tags. TagVault.org also provides registration and data services to facilitate the normalization of tag values as well as verification and certification services that can be utilized for contractual commitments.

The concept of a non-profit organization to enable software identification tags to be created and managed in a consistent manner was suggested by David Wright (formerly of Symantec and now CEO of Veritag Software) during the development of 19770-2. The concept was further promoted and funded by Symantec with support from RJ Vissers (who at the time was the Vice President of the Office of Pricing and Licensing) with strong support and additional funding from CA Technologies and ModusLink OCS. TagVault.org began promoting software tagging in 2009.

"This award is important recognition for TagVault," stated Michel Avenel, current Chairman of the Board. "The value of software tagging is gaining world-wide recognition, both from software publishers and consumer organizations. This award recognizes the contributions of many companies and individuals that have accelerated the movement to software tags. I look forward to continuing their success so that tagging helps us reign in software chaos."

The award was presented to TagVault's Executive Director Steve Klos as well as current and former board members and sponsoring organizations' representatives at TagVault's first Software Identification Summit in Washington, D.C. Presenters and attendees included software publishers, end user organizations, government ITAM representatives and ITAM tool and services providers.